The 13th NYC Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy


May 31 - June 1, 2023

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Department of Humanities and Arts (HA)

The workshop, which is now in its 13th year, aims to foster exchange and collaboration among scholars, students, and anyone with an interest in early modern philosophy (roughly the period 1600-1800). This year’s workshop topic is “The Arts and Sciences.” During the early modern period, philosophers paid increasing attention to the arts, the sciences, and the relationship between the two, often under the heading of techne. Early modern thinkers made important contributions to philosophical aesthetics; to the philosophy of culture, including theories about progress in the arts and sciences; and to the philosophy of technology. Philosophers like Rousseau discussed the impacts of the arts and sciences on society. Philosophers like Descarties, Leibniz, and La Mettrie examined the relationship between technological machines and living beings. Philosophers like Leibniz emphasized the aesthetic character of the world disclosed by early modern science. And philosophers like Kant considered the differences between artistic and scientific creativity. We invite submissions dealing with the philosophy of science, and its relations to arts and technology during the early modern period.




Domenica Romagni
(Colorado State)


Michael Friedman


Stefanie Buchenau


Noa L. Ayalon


 Justin Smith


Yoav Beirach


Reed Winegar


Oliver Toth
(University of Heidelberg)



Ohad Nachtomy

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Lauren Kopajtic


Reed Winegar

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The workshop is free of charge but pre-registration is required.

Important information:

1 | The workshop will be held in a hybrid format; you can choose to participate in the workshop via Zoom or a physical meeting

2 | The workshop includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Invitation Letter
Please contact us if you require an invitation letter to the workshop.


The Workshop will be held in the theater hall at the Department of Humanities and Arts
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